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Paarama Dhamma Chethiya Pirivena Ratmalana, Sri Lanka  
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The first institute of Buddhist Education founded in the 19th century Sri Lanka - 1841

This is the seat of Buddhist Education in 19th century (under British rule) in Sri Lanka . It is the birth place of two National Universities, namely  Vidyodaya Sri Jayawardhanapura and Vidyalankara Kelaniya. The  founder of Parama Dhamma Cetiya Pirivena was Ven. Walane Sri Siddhartha Maha Thera(1811-1868). This Pirivena (school for novice monks) was established in 1841. It was started with a small humble Kuti(hut). Little by little this Institute gained faith and fame from this country and abroad. It is because of its well organized system of oriental and occidental education that it became popular as a center of learning. Today it is a well recognized International Buddhist Educational centre for monks in Sri Lanka. The Meditation Institute which is in the same premises is well known locally and internationally. The institution is currently directed by Ven. Madapatha Dhammasara Thera,


Ven. Suriyagoda Sumangala(1879-1939), the first Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka to obtain a B.Litt. degree in English medium  
  The Parama Dhamma Cetiya Pirivena has been publishing many articles, booklets, books, etc. on Buddism and buddhist meditation. Some of which are listed here.

Anapana Sati
Noble Path
You Are Responsible
Yahapath Birinda (Good Wife)
Yahapath Samiya (Good Husband)
Dhammadinnawa saha Chula Vedalla Sutraya
Sariyuth Himyan Saha Maha Vedalla Sutraya
Oba Mama (You and Me)
Chaturarya Sathyaya

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The Meditation Institute is in a serene atmosphere within the same block of land. It is surely a marvellous place to quieten one's mind. This Institute was built as a gift from Japan on 20th of January 1989. The building( main meditation hall) is a donation from Rev. Dr. Niva Rempo, the Incumbent of Eheiji Temple, Soko Sen Sect, Japan This website was created for free with Would you also like to have your own website?
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