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Paarama Dhamma Chethiya Pirivena Ratmalana, Sri Lanka  
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Special Events

Special Events

Manik Pilimaya ( Gem statue )

In 1893, a Buddha's statue sculpted out of stone during the time of the King Dutthagamini was brought to the temple from a cave called Kumburulena, Kurunegala. This statue still adorns the main shrine room of the temple.

Burmese (Myanmar) Queen

In 1896, with the invitation of Pandit Mr. M. Dharmaratna, a chief devotee of the temple and the Editor of the first Sinhala News paper "Lakminipahana", a Burmese Queen "Sindungmibaya" visited the temple. Delighted by seeing the gem statue she donated two small statues to be kept on either side of the gem statue.

Cambodian Prince

In 1957 a Cambodian Prince, Tiboso Bawaji visited the temple and was so delighted by seeing the gem statue in the shrine room and donated 200 Pound of money for the development of the temple. It was with this money that the preaching hall was built which was opened in 1898.

Medical Centre & Main gate - Donated by Japan

Pohoya Day Programme
6.00am - 6.45am Observe Sil -  Anusasana & Meditation [Buddhanusmathi Bhavana]
6.45am - 7.15am Buddha Pooja
7.15am - 7.45am Arms giving [Heel Dhanaya]
7.45am - 8.00am Gilanpasa Pooja
8.00am - 9.45am Meditation
9.45am - 10.00am Gilanpasa Pooja
10.00am - 11.00am Dharma Deshana
11.00am - 11.30am Buddha Pooja
11.30am - 12.15pm Arms giving [Dahawal Dhanaya]
12.15pm - 12.45pm  
12.45pm - 1.15pm Pirith Sajjayanaya
1.15pm - 2.15pm Dharma Sakachcha
2.15pm - 2.45pm Gilanpasa Pooja
2.45pm - 3.45pm Dharma Deshana
3.45pm - 4.45pm Buddhist Speech
4.45pm - 5.45pm Dharma Deshana
5.45pm - 6.00pm Sil Pawarna
6.00pm - 7.30pm Buddha Pooja & Bohdhi Pooja


Ven. Suriyagoda Sumangala(1879-1939), the first Buddhist monk in Sri Lanka to obtain a B.Litt. degree in English medium  
  The Parama Dhamma Cetiya Pirivena has been publishing many articles, booklets, books, etc. on Buddism and buddhist meditation. Some of which are listed here.

Anapana Sati
Noble Path
You Are Responsible
Yahapath Birinda (Good Wife)
Yahapath Samiya (Good Husband)
Dhammadinnawa saha Chula Vedalla Sutraya
Sariyuth Himyan Saha Maha Vedalla Sutraya
Oba Mama (You and Me)
Chaturarya Sathyaya

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The Meditation Institute is in a serene atmosphere within the same block of land. It is surely a marvellous place to quieten one's mind. This Institute was built as a gift from Japan on 20th of January 1989. The building( main meditation hall) is a donation from Rev. Dr. Niva Rempo, the Incumbent of Eheiji Temple, Soko Sen Sect, Japan